WALKING with COSTCO seminar   10th July 2017


RITCHIES IGA Drive By Inspection  – seminar – May & June 2017




Melbourne Business School (University of Melbourne) will host a one day seminar presenting challenging grocery leadership presentations aimed at Sales and/or marketing management and national account management. The diverse acknowledged presenters will set about transforming supplier approaches to add to strategy and define aspects of management enhancement geared around growth in market share and added penetration within the retail sphere.   
Tim Clover  – Glowfeed.com
:Empower your customers now as they ‘talk’ to your brand and create your very own brand ‘communication’ which your retail buyer will not be ready
to deal with
Damien Ballesty  – Deloitte
:The Digital Advantage. Damien understands well the digital landscape and will assist shape your supplier readiness for more sales. Damien was head of Coles IT & Digital (from Deloitte) for two years.
 Kevin Moore – Crossmark Asia Pacific
:Grocery  Next – The ‘real future’ is happening but many are missing out on reality…
Paul Broadfoot – Accelerate
:Catch up with a leading disruptive innovator who will enable supplier companies to disrupt retail shifts to distinct advantage in the market
Bryan Raymond – Citi
:Amazon Cometh – and the market is readying for a transformation in grocery activity and delivery for suppliers. Are suppliers ready? Will retailers be prepared for the ‘new marketplace’?
Rebecca Rees– Category Management
EVENT     : ‘THINKING OUT LOUD’ Grocery Leadership
VENUE    : Melbourne Business School, 200 Leicester Street, Carlton
DATE       : Tuesday, 30th May 2017
TIMES      : Registration 9.15am  | Welcome 9.35am  | Finish Around 3.30pm
LUNCH    : Provided
PARKING: $15 a day
COST       : $ 396-00 (inc GST)



WHERE BRANDS GO…TO GROW seminar  3rd May 2017

This not a game. This is exploring pure investment at the most powerful end – experiencing ‘tomorrow today’.
Monash University has been working for suppliers to advance their business and products to a world best practice. Across the domestic retail scene – and some thoughts on export for those wishing to push the envelope – this new Centre has begun playing a vital part in the growth and further development of supplier brands – in food, non-food, cosmetics, stationery, indeed all categories –  across Australia.. Suppliers now are encountering a really unique circumstance – their very own ‘virtual 3D supermarket’; which is used to boost the manufacturer/importer bottom line – by enhanced strategy, smarter thinking and shelf advantage – via the Monash specialist team, adding immense capacity to your company and brand capabilities. Check out and evaluate the marketplace as never before – build strategy, check pricing, amend/alter design-colour-packaging…and much more. If you miss this opportunity – your competitors may likely not.
The Institute is privileged to introduce a limited number (30 places) to the FMCG Enhancement Centre. Seize this opportunity for supplier companies of any size (including smaller/medium manufacturers) to enhance their opportunity. Come and absorb this exciting knowledge and skills availability which will prove a vital tool in your own capability and the future of your company engagement in the marketplace. The Institute sees this opportunity as well worth knowing about and, potentially, using in future. It will allow front end consumer research services (including eye tracking); visualising (see it happen) your product, pack and point of sale ideas; visualise (see it realtime) your NPD and activation in store; access the Centre R&D end to end including execution; check out innovation ideas, thinking and activity. Where else
The FMCG Centre team, led by Evangeline will lead Institute members through a two hour explanation of what their team can work with and achieve. At the end of the session, the Institute will provide feedback/info over coffee.
DATE                :  Wednesday, 3rd May 2017
VENUE              :  Monash University, Level 3, Room 325, Rainforest Walk, Clayton
TIMES              :  10.00am – 12.00 noon
PARKING          :  Details to be provided
COST               :  $154-00 (in GST)



TRANSFORMING GROCERY 2017   22nd March 2017  The Australian Sales & Marketing Institute invites senior management, national account executives etc to share in a one day seminar aimed at challenging assumptions, exploring fresh strategies and alerting to the future moves of real importance in this ever-shifting market. The objective is to directly contribute to the advancement of top thinking and implementation practitioners in the grocery field – at the MGSM as 2017 gets under way.   9.30

9.35     Ben Gilbert – UBS
Grocery market summary – will include latest update graphs/figures from Coles just days earlier
10.15   Craig Woolford – Citi
Amazon Cometh ‘Where Now, Where Next’. Amazon is coming…and suppliers will big retailers be caught out?
11.00   Morning Tea
11.20   Simon Borrill – Sentinel Management
The Sales team of the future. What do the sales team actually do? And more to the point,- what should they be doing? Clarity on the skills,
experiences and what skills sets your ‘future proof’ sales team need to succeed…as well as few ‘alternative facts’ on what Marketing think Sales
does all day.  12.15   Luncheon    1.15     Damien Ballesty – Deloitte
The Digital Advantage. Damien knows well the emerging digital revolution – indeed he was head of Coles digital for 2 years (from Deloitte). Your
competitors are moving into this vital space…
2.00     Leigh Cowan – Launch Engineering
Star-Gate NPD is connecting with up to 80% suppliers in USA and Leigh will consider the advantages and disadvantages.
2.45    Kevin Moore – Crossmark Asia Pacific
Grocery Next  Kevin has seen the ‘now’ future – and this presentation will really challenge some of your strategies
3.30   Close

DATE         : Wednesday, 22nd March 2017
VENUE       : Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Macquarie Park
TIMES        : Registration 9.10am – Start 9.30am – Finish (around) 3.30pm
BREAKS      : Morning tea & Luncheon included
PARKING  : Complimentary
COST         : $396-00 (inc GST) additional $220








WOOLWORTHS on CATEGORY seminar  2nd February 2017

Woolworths has a bit of momentum according to recent media coverage and an aspect integral to continued growth and development lies in Category. In 2017, category will play an increasing role in growing Woolworths.  At the focal point will be Andrew Kenny Head of Category Marketing & Media Hub who will speak on aspects of category at our first event next year. Start 2017 on a roll…

Andrew knows his retailer well – and he is in a unique position to lead category into what will definitely be one of the busiest years ahead Woolworths – marketing category aspects and bringing suppliers into discount media arrangements; bringing a win-win for the retailer and supplier.

Catch this important supplier seminar, directed to national account management, senior managers and new business development execs responsible for existing and future business with Woolworths

The Institute really likes this.

Consumers are more empowered, vocal and information-seeking than ever before. Brands that want to grow need to tap into this, and step changes in the technology that sits in over 90% of consumers’ pockets makes this easier than ever before. Tim Clover, ex PWC Director and Founder of Glowfeed.com talks about the arms race for data and how every business can now tap into what they need quickly and affordably. He gives examples of brands that are retaking control of their own ‘connecting with the consumer’ agenda at every point in the lifecycle and even shows how this can be achieved in days by those wanting to listen, learn and explore.


Our speaker John Price, Director Marketing Effectiveness at Nielsen will establish important aspects of Analytics Advantage. With the fast approaching year about to launch, companies need to consistently apply aspects of analytics to advantage them against competitors as well as constant shifts in the marketplace. Nielsen will outline such aspects as data quality issues, discovery over reporting and utilising all that data into a profitable exercise.

Special Supplier Exchange  ::  No Media

EVENT        : WOOLWORTHS on CATEGORY seminar (three speakers)
DATE         : Thursday, 2nd February 2017
VENUE        : Macquarie Graduate School, 99 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park
TIMES        : Registration 9.15am  |  Start 9.35am  |  Finish (about) 12.30pm
PARKING   : Complimentary
COST         : BOX Seat- Free
$330 (inc GST) additional $220







The Institute is excited to offer our second great Walking with Costco in Sydney – but sadly we can only walk with 13 attendees.

HOW IT WORKS – the first 13 attendees wishing to walk with Rick Woods, CFO and Company Secretary to tour through the Costco Auburn store. Rick will discuss the store workings, strategy and thinking which will be invaluable for attendees. Conversely, we are hopeful that our supplier company ‘walkers’ will remain alert to opportunities to either (i) extend existing arrangements with Costco or (ii) open a conversation (perhaps at a later date) with Rick to provide first time/new product on shelf at Costco stores. This is a unique opportunity with genial Rick outlining how it works at Costco…

While our invitation is often for potential new suppliers – existing suppliers will definitely be considered if you are seeking to expand/grow your business with Costco.

Following the walk, we will debrief over a coffee (Institute pays!!)

Please email your interest asap…(do mention if you are already a supplier or not…our subcommittee for fairness (eh?) will attempt to get a balance of interest). You’ve met the buyer, ok, now you have second avenue – chat with Rick on the possibilities.

EVENT       : Walking with COSTCO
DATE         : Wednesday, 23rd November 2016
VENUE      : Costco Auburn, 17-21 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe
TIMES        : 10.30am (pushing about 2 hours including coffee




 Roll up! Roll up! Well…twelve individuals from 12 companies…..

Join Rick Woods CFO & Company Secretary with Costco for a stroll through the Moorabbin store The plan is simple – Rick will chat background and strategy and, in turn, our attendees will either seek to extend their existing presence on shelf OR be interested to get on shelf in future.Regret limited numbers, but wish to enable more response to each attendee during the walk. Incidentally, we are also hopeful for a stroll in Sydney in the following month (will advise later)

(see more info below re past walks)

DATE       : Friday, 21st October 2016
VENUE    : Costco Moorabbin Store, 8 Chifley Drive, Moorabbin Airport (off Centre Dandenong Road)
HOURS   : 10.00am – 11.30am followed by coffee review (and any last questions..)





Now there’s a headline to behold.

It was true, of course…but the headline went on to explain Metcash had bought the Home Timber & Hardware business from Woolworths for $165 million. The IGA supermarket supplier said the business will give it a combined network of about 1,800 stores generating almost $2 billion in annual sales

Peter Love General Manager Retail Growth and Network Profitability will now have more to work with – but at a seminar on 22nd November, he will turn his mind to the Food & Grocery aspects at a special update for grocery suppliers on a number of significant changes and an eye to the future.

Peter has been with Metcash for some years and his current role has meant that Peter covers many facets of the business in the past two years, including;
– leading national Promotions and Pricing
– starting the move from a wholesale buying organisation to a category management led position
– leading the most significant Retailer and Shopper interaction of Project Diamond – Price Match

In addition, at the seminar, IRI will release its Industry Report for Grocerywhich will outlook international elements before drilling down on the latest Australian research which will cover discounters, prices, important observations, including some that will challenge some current strategies in areas like private label. Fact is, unlike in Europe where private label is declining, in Australia it is holding up well against traditional brands promotional activity. How do traditional brands better fight back – to erode the loss of shelf?

Supplier Only Update & exchange – no media present

DATE         : Tuesday 22nd November
VENUE     : Macquarie Grad School of Management, 99 Talavera Rd, North Ryde
TIMES        : Registration 9.20am | Start 9.35am | Finish (about) 11.45am



COLES INSTORE ‘Stroll-Thru’ Seminar

Here’s how it works.

Micheal Lovsin GM Coles brand will stroll the store with 12 representatives (one each) from supplier companies to discuss thinking and strategy in that area.
The attendees will include;
• Supplier Companies already on shelf and interested to build that aspect further
• Potential Supplier Companies not presently on shelf but interested in being there
Following the stroll, the attendees will debrief over coffee

EVENT – STROLL ONE : COLES Stroll-thru Seminar – Coles Brands
LEADER : Micheal Lovsin GM
DATE : Tuesday, 13th September 2016
VENUE : Tooronga Coles Store, Cnr Toorak & Tooronga Roads, East Hawthorn
TIME : 12.30pm (one hour plus walk, 30+ minutes coffee debrief)



EVENT – STROLL TWO : COLES Stroll-thru Seminar – Coles Brands
LEADER : Micheal Lovsin GM
DATE : Wednesday, 14th September 2016
VENUE : Tooronga Coles Store, Cnr Toorak & Tooronga Roads, East Hawthorn
TIME : 12.30pm (one hour plus walk, 30+ minutes coffee debrief)
COST : $198-00 (inc GST)

Our past completed events resulted in a stronger understanding of the Coles supermarket strategy and thinking


Stroll-thru instore  at Coles with Dairy GM, Charlotte Rhodes with 12 supplier companies
DAIRY   Wednesday 27th April 2016   1.00 – 2.00pm
DATES  : Wednesday, 27th April
VENUE : Coles – Tooronga Village Store
TIMES  : 1.00 –  2.00pm COST    : $198-00 (inc GST) for each stroll
Stroll-thru instore  at Coles with Grocery (& Freezer) GM, Phil Reidy with 12 supplier companies
Led by PHIL REIDY GM Grocery (including Freezer)
DATE  : Tuesday  24th May  2016
VENUE : Coles – Tooronga Village Store
TIMES  : 2.00 –  3.00pm COST    :
COST : $198-00 (inc GST) for each stroll
Stroll-thru instore at Coles with Non-food GM, Karin Zimmermann with 12 supplier companies
DATE : Tuesday 28th June 2016
VENUE : Coles Tooronga Village, Cnr Toorak & Tooronga Roads, East Hawthorn
TIMES : 3.00 – 4.00pm
COST : $198-00 (inc GST)
BOOKING : BOOKING : Email: fmcgstrategy@bigpond.com OR call Graeme 03 9558 2696




Woolworths, now in its 94th year, is stepping into a ‘reinvention’ as the retailer ‘steps up’ in the ever-competitive grocery retail business. The key aspect for the future lies in more deep-seated relationships with suppliers and, integral to that process is the Director of Buying & Merchandise, Steve Donohue.

Steve Donohue, Director Buying & Merchandise
The Institute cordially invites you to our special seminar where Steve, an accomplished senior executive of many years at the retailer, will discuss aspects of the present and next steps for Woolworths. A valuable area of interest is innovation, which is absolutely essential for future growth of any retailer in the current marketplace – and suppliers are increasingly integral to that. Steve will also participate in a Q&A.


Kosta Conomos, Executive Director at Nielsen
Our second speaker, Kosta Conomos shares his analysis of the accelerating pace of change that is occurring within the Australia Grocery sector, Manufacturers and Retailers are asking where to find growth. $6.2b of new opportunities will materialise over the next 5 years. This presentation will bring fresh insights highlighting key trends that will guide the success of your business and future innovation. These trends will touch on the changing Shopper, Retailer and Channel dynamics that will make the biggest impact to our Grocery sector.

No Media Present :: Briefing For Supplier Senior Management

DATE         : Friday, 10th June 2016
VENUE     : Macquarie Graduate School of Management, 99 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park
TIMES       : Registration 9.10am | Start 9.30am | Finish 12.00noon


Our past completed events resulted in a stronger understanding of the Coles supermarket strategy and thinking
Stroll-thru instore at Coles with Dairy GM, Charlotte Rhodes with 12 supplier companies
DAIRY Wednesday 27th April 2016 1.00 – 2.00pm
DATES : Wednesday, 27th April
VENUE : Coles – Tooronga Village Store
TIMES : 1.00 – 2.00pm COST : $198-00 (inc GST) for each stroll
Stroll-thru instore at Coles with Grocery (& Freezer) GM, Phil Reidy with 12 supplier companies
Led by PHIL REIDY GM Grocery (including Freezer)
DATE : Tuesday 24th May 2016
VENUE : Coles – Tooronga Village Store
TIMES : 2.00 – 3.00pm COST :
COST : $198-00 (inc GST) for each stroll
Stroll-thru instore at Coles with Non-food GM, Karin Zimmermann with 12 supplier companies
DATE : Tuesday 28th June 2016
VENUE : Coles Tooronga Village, Cnr Toorak & Tooronga Roads, East Hawthorn
TIMES : 3.00 – 4.00pm
COST : $198-00 (inc GST)
BOOKING : BOOKING : Email: fmcgstrategy@bigpond.com OR call Graeme 03 9558 2696

The retail space is ever-shifting and the continuous growth by Coles places immense responsibility on supplier companies to continually be updating and aware of the needs imposed ‘by shelf’. Retailers are constantly searching for advantage – advantage in quality, advantage in exclusivity and, yes, often advantage in price. The key aspects of any retailer – grocery thinking and needs, building the significance of private label and adapting to the rampant shifts in technology remain constantly and vitally important.This seminar provides a unique opportunity to adjust strategy and refine approaches in the retail sphere.

AlexFAlex Freudmann GM Coles – has substantial experience at Coles as GM Grocery and other senior management roles in past years, and will discuss current grocery aspects and potential future directions which will be of vital interest to suppliers – and would-be suppliers. Supplier companies need every ounce of background and information to enable smarter strategy to keep your brands on shelf.


Michael Lovsin (General Manager Coles Brand) manages the largest food brand in Australia. He has over 35 years of retail experience in Pharmacy, Beauty and Supermarkets in Canada, the U.S. and now Australia. He is Merchant Operator specialising in Category Management, Store Concepts, Design and Private Label…an essential part of how existing and future stores will design, market and ‘product offer’ in the future. This reaches into essential brand strategy thinking which YOUR brand really must be across. Private Label continues to grow – and is gradually entering into new categories and brand areas. Michael has a MBWA, loves beer, bacon, Maple Syrup…and is proud to be a Canadian.


Damien Ballesty from Deloitte – previously (contracted) Digital and IT head at Coles – well understands the importance of changes being driven in this area and will sharply advantage supplier companies in understanding the power of this aspect of the relationship. The necessity to maintain flexibility and awareness in this area is essential as it will become an ever-increasing driver of sales in your product(s). Damien’s presentation will really open supplier eyes and minds…

No Media : Supplier Briefing & Exchange

DATE            : Tuesday, 17th May 2016
VENUE         : Melbourne Business School (Uni of Melbourne) 200 Leicester St, Carlton
TIMES          : Registration: 9.15am | Start 9.35am | Finish (about) 12.30pm




In an ever pressured marketplace, Ritchies IGA have continued to grow and evolve as a leading part of the independent retailer network of stores in Australia.  After a 73% drop in earnings over the past three years, Ritchies profits rose almost four-fold in fiscal 2015 – from $2.5 million to $9.7 million…and sales returned to growth rising 1% to $874 million.
Ritchies expects sales to reach $1.1 billion this year, as they absorb the recent acquisition of Fishers IGA – headquartered in Mildura – with 15 stores which will further boost their presence in Victoria.
Their growing number of supermarkets on the eastern seaboard continues to meet the challenge in creating high levels of satisfaction for their loyal customers.  You may have noticed their TV campaign recently offering a ‘price match’ on products (featuring international actor Shane Jacobsen)
Fred Harrison, CEO of Ritchies IGA will share progress and background on the grocery industry and, in particular, paint the reality that their stores confront every day, meeting the needs of thousands of customers buying from the small basket to a larger family shop.
The Supa IGA banner consists of more than 120 independent retailers in Victoria and over 1,100 IGA retailers across Australia. The Institute will have a Walk-thru Ritchies strategy/chat seminar (at Mt Eliza/Dromana) with Fred and Jarrod Swayne (later in 2016)
The CB Saver (Community Benefit Card) is a vital part of the benefits provided each year to an array of community organisations chosen by customers – with donations to clubs, schools and charities in excess of $45 million.
No Media  |  Informal Briefing with Suppliers
EVENT               : RITCHIES IGA CEO Luncheon
DATE                : Friday, 5th February 2016
VENUE              : Leonda by the Yarra, 2 Wallen Road, Hawthorn
TIMES               : Registration 12.10pm | Seated 12.30pm | Finish (about) 2.00pm PARKING        : Complimentary
COST                : $165-00 (inc GST)  |  Corp table x 8 $1,320
BOOKINGS     : Email – salesstrategy@bigpond.com or call Graeme  03 9558 2696


(This event Sold Out)
The shifting sands of grocery retail in Australia is undergoing numerous elements of increasing competition.

Roger Corbett AO has seen a lot of that significant marketplace – between January 1999 and September 2006 as CEO of Woolworths – is now under pressure from Woolworths shareholders to return to the Board as Chairman as the company seeks to renew its strategic approach to gain lost ground in the face of increased competition, particularly from Coles and ALDI.
Roger Corbett has a long and distinguished career in retail – now as a board director with Wal-Mart (the largest retailer in the world), the Reserve Bank of Australia and Fairfax Media – serving as Chairman of Fairfax since 2009. With Woolworths, he presided over the strongest growth in the retailer’s 80 year history, lifting sales from $18.5 billion to almost $35 billion with net profits rising from $257 million to more than $1 billion while the company market value appreciated from $6 billion to more than $22 billion. He was responsible for taking costs out of the business and sharing the bulk of the savings with customers in the form of lower prices to drive volumes and sales.
Roger Corbett will share his thinking about contemporary grocery retail aspects with an audience of senior grocery management
No Media : Informal Exchange & Briefing
Please note change of date – from 19th to Wednesday 24th February
EVENT : Roger Corbett AO Luncheon
DATE : Thursday, 3rd March 2016
VENUE : Menzies Hotel, 14 Carrington St, Sydney
TIMES : Registration 12.10 | Seated 12.30pm | Finish (around) 2.00pm
COST : $220-00 (inc GST) per seat; Corp table x 8 = $1,760


Current update from ACCC re Grocery matters…and more
Seats Limited
The work of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) is well known and, in particular, for their work in the grocery & related sphere. There have been actions undertaken against retailers (indeed there is a current action on foot) and one of the distinct advantages for supplier companies has been the implementation of the 2015 Grocery Code a few months ago.
Sarah Court was appointed a Commissioner of the ACCC in April 2008 and reappointed for a further five year term in 2013.
The Institute is privileged to present Commissioner Sarah Court (background below) to speak about and share grocery and related issues in an informal briefing with grocery supplier companies. The effect of the ACCC investigation and actions have been of distinct benefit to suppliers –– and this update will be of benefit as supplier companies continue to compete in an increasingly more complex marketplace. The Commissioner, in particular, will report on the wash-up of the Coles unconscionable conduct case, the approach to the new Food and Grocery Code and partly outline allegations in the Woolies supply case (limited as the matter is before the court)
Following this special luncheon presentation the floor will be open for a candid and informal Q&A with the Commissioner.
No Media  |  No Retailers  |  Confidential Briefing
DATE         : Thursday 18th February 2016
VENUE        : Rydges North Sydney, 54 McLaren Street, North Sydney NSW 2060
TIMINGS     : Registration 12.10pm  | Seated 12.30pm  | Finish (around) 2.00pm





– Thursday 4th February 2016
The Institute is privileged to present a Stroll-Thru at a Coles store on Thursday, 4th February.
Given the approach in this event, we are limited to 12 attendees (one per company) and the arrangement worked through will largely engage with smaller/medium suppliers. It’s a bit tricky, as we’d like to invite all to attend!
The event will occur at the Coles Coburg North store – 174 Gaffney Street, Coburg North – and attendees will gather at 8.00 am sharp at the front of the store with the stroll-thru commencing at 8.15am. Attendees will stroll and chat with Richard Pearson – Merchandise Director with Coles. This is a unique and exclusive opportunity for a collaborative exchange to explore aspects of intimate planning and objectives for Coles, potentially covering issues such as strategy, opportunities, private label, innovation etc.
At the end of the walk-thru, attendees are invited to the café across the way – HANGAR CAFÉ – for a coffee chat/debrief. Pending time availability, Richard may join us.
There is a waitlist for the event – if you cannot attend please call Graeme on 0418 138 295 so we can rush a replacement to join us. We regret the limitation on numbers, but remain hopeful we may be able to schedule additional future strolls – in Melbourne and Sydney.
Attendees from:
JC’s Quality Foods
Nova Concepts
Griffin Foods
BIC Australia
Australian Char
Red Kellys Tasmania
Carman’s Kitchen
Kez’s Gourmet
Viva Olives
3M Australia
SPC Group

ATTENDANCE : By Invitation
VENUE : COLES, 174 Gaffney Street, Coburg North
DATE : Thursday, 4th February 2016
TIMES : Registration 8.00am | Start 8.15am | Debrief 10.00am
COST : $187-00 (inc GST)
RITCHIES/IGA Independents Seminar
The convenience market continues to grow apace across the country and a major player includes the Ritchies IGA store network. Ritchies has 28 stores in NSW (and more coming) and is part of the heavy advertising blitz by Metcash (featuring actor Shane Jacobsen) on a price-matching program aimed to compete against other retailers.
Fred Harrison CEO of Ritchies Stores – and our most attended luncheon speaker in Melbourne in recent years – will join us in a special seminar to explore ‘where now, what next’ presentation to update suppliers. Fred has been a most valuable speaker as he speaks the grocery market ‘as it is’.
Our Institute members were fascinated when he outlined how they took aver a couple of Coles stores in Melbourne and Coles suggested they just take away their private label brands. Fred was most surprised to check out one store to find more than half the products removed.
The Ritchies story is now well embedded in grocery retail history – founded in a single store in Frankston Victoria in 1852 by young adventurer Thomas Ritchie (who was shipwrecked off the coast of Australia). This is a real story – further built and supported by those who seized the baton from the early times and developed his store into the flourishing and community-based enterprise. Ritchies continues with a strong growth pattern – with their Mt Eliza store – a very different kind of convenience store – voted Victorian IGA store of the year in 2014

David Parnham CEO of Pulse Plus will outline their updated annual convenience survey details and cast some observations about how the art and practice of convenience has been shifting markedly in recent years – vital information for supplier companies playing catch-up in this most competitive sphere.
DATE : Tuesday, 17th November 2015
VENUE : Macquarie Graduate School of Mgmt, 99 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park
TIMES : Registration 9.15am | Start 9.30am | Finish 12.40pm
COST : $330 (inc GST) additional $175-00


FMCG GROCERY CODE– Operation Reset

Once in a generation opportunity…


Suppliers know all about trading terms.  They’ve been ‘negotiating’ and signing off on them for years. BUT – all has now changed, IF suppliers actually understand the new Grocery Code.  The Institute is hearing that although many suppliers have acted to close the gap there are many more that need to act – and soon.

Major supermarkets have already signed up and automatically generated a fresh slice of ‘corporate infrastructure’ which opens up vital opportunities for suppliers to renegotiate and ‘reset’ commercial arrangements.

Suppliers have until end of October to ‘make their move’ and take the opportunity. Your buyers are watching closely… will you be the Account Manager & Supplier that is savvy the code and how to use it! Or will you be in the dark and dependent on your legal team to tell you what to do?  Legal folk have their place, but not for this situation.

Simon Borrill  Director, Sentinel Management Consultants, will share important thinking and suggestions with suppliers to their competitive advantage. Simon has extensive experience in FMCG and related categories, conducting programs in UK and Asia and is Asia-Pacific director, based in Australia. Simon will lead the session on Code of Practice – this will be a no-frills, legal jargon free briefing on the Code. What is the code (and why the retailers have to make it work), the key clauses that every Account Manager needs to be aware of and fluent in deploying plus a clear action plan to ensure that you are the savvy, pro-active Key Account Manager to gain competitive advantage.

Grant Davidson  CEO at Davidson Branding will speak on design issues and further shaping your branding approaches. Grant is a most sought after speaker with significant clients in fmcg suppliers and retailers (inc Coles) – with a BA. Hons in Graphic Design, studying Competitive Business Strategy, Harvard Business School; Psychology at Swinburne University, along with Behaviour Profiling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Change Management.  He has received over 50 industry awards for his work in design and advertising – in Australia and internationally.No Media  |  Important Supplier Exchange

DATE                    : Thursday, 24th September 2015
VENUE                 : Melbourne Business School, 200 Leicester Street, Carlton
TIMES                  : Registration 9.15am | Start 9.35am | Finish (around) 12 noon
COST                   : $330-00 (inc GST) additional $220-00








Coles Supermarkets is an Australian supermarket chain owned by Wesfarmers. Founded in 1914 in Victoria, Coles operates 762 stores with over 100,000 employees throughout Australia.

In 2010, Coles launched a new sub-slogan, “Down Down, Prices Are Down”, featuring a large red cartoon hand pointing downwards to symbolise the chain’s low price policy. The slogan incorporates the tune of “Down Down“, a 1975 hit by British rockers Status Quo. In 2011, the campaign was revised to the fit the tune of Petula Clark’s 1964 hit “Downtown“.[ but reverted to “Down Down” later in the year. In 2012, it used Status Quo, which originally recorded the song in 1975, singing and speaking in the newest ad in the series.
Alex Freudmann General Manager Grocery, at Coles will speak at our special seminar on ‘where now, where next’ aspects of the supermarkets which are engaged in a highly competitive retail environment.  Alex will range across a few issues – innovation, category management, private label, sustainability, etc – and follow up his presentation taking questions from attendees.
Kosta Conomos, Executive Director Retail Industry Group, Nielsen
Growth is not consistent, the battle is tough, the outlook is challenging. This presentation will focus on where manufacturers and retailers need to focus to obtain sustainable growth.

WHO should attend? Sales Directors, Marketing Managers, National Account Managers, New Business Development etc  NO MEDIA | SUPPLIER ONLY EXCHANGE
DATE : Tuesday, 15th September
VENUE : Melbourne Business School (Uni of Melbourne) 200 Leicester St, Carlton
TIMES : Registration 9.10am | Commence 9.30am | Finish 12.40pm
COST : PLATINUM Members – Free



The Institute is privileged to present a highly transforming seminar for supplier companies – including SME suppliers – to ‘step forward’ to a more effective frame to enable them to better manage, maintain and entrench their marketplace status.The Grocery sphere is often working against suppliers – especially SME’s – and while major suppliers have a greater opportunity to fend off the retailer shifts and moves – it is not unlike a jigsaw, where SME suppliers often function without mentors or parties able to paint a big picture response.

This special seminar is responding to numerous aspects and concerns raised by SME companies, in particular, The notion is that many responses can cost big money – but our three speakers have worked with many SME’s and they have been surprised at the ‘magic’ of strong strategy outcomes for very reasonable costs

Who should attend: CEO’s/MD’s, Sales management, Marketing management, National Account managers, New Business/Development management 

 Jean-Yves Heude, CEO at Chessmate Consulting, champions a retail transformation and enhanced adaptation approach including exploring a ‘small is beautiful’ approach and poses that SME’s can definitely ‘win’ in grocery today – it’s mostly in the commercial approach. Jean-Yves, previously CEO of Kellogg ANZ for five years following 20 years in blue chip FMCG Companies in Europe (UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands) brings an ‘international view’ to our marketplace practices and traditions, challenging many of the ‘norms’ that suppliers have come to accept. He is now heavily focusing on transferring his business expertise into SMEs in a way that is adapted to SMEs resources and has already achieved concrete successes (range reviews, promotion efficiency, pricing, etc) with his Clients.

Simon Borrill, Director, Sentinel Management
The Grocery Code of Practice – Opportunity or Threat? 
How well do you understand the new Grocery Code of Practice and what it means for your trading relationship with your key customers?The headlines are all about multi-million dollar fines and commitments to ‘never let it happen again’ – but what are you doing about the Code of Practice?Simon will guide us through the key elements of the code, with specific focus on what it means for sales teams – how to take advantage of the protections it affords as well as highlighting the potential pitfalls.Would you rather handball the issue off to your legal team and lose control of the situation and the resolution (as well as the legal bills) or be confident and prepared to take ownership to move with confidence and agility?
This will be a down to earth, tell it how it is session– free of legal jargon with top tips and specific actions that sales leaders and account managers need to be aware of.

Leigh Cowan, CEO of Launch Engineering, will outline some academic models that prove and support the content of Jean-Yves and Simon’s presentations: How stakeholders can identify opportunities early for strategic advantage. He’ll also introduce an affordable, new option for gathering both category and brand management market research. Leigh has over 40 years in Marketing with experience in many FMCG categories, both behind the desk and as a consultant to companies such as P&G down. His insights are thought provoking and inspiring.
DATE           : Tuesday 4th August 2015
VENUE        : Macquarie Graduate School of Mgmt, 99 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park
TIMES         : Registration 9.10am  | Start 9.30am  | Finish 1.00pm
COST           : $330-00 (inc GST) additional attendee $220


When the going gets tough, strong Convenience Works.From its origins in 1920 as a family owned corner store, Metcash has been significantly evolving – uniting Australia’s independent grocer while becoming an ASX Top 100 com-0pany. Headquartered in Sydney, its diverse business operations range from servicing its customers in SUPERMARKET and CONVENIENCE businesses as well as in hardware. It was recently flagged that they will sell the automotive parts business.

Peter Struck CEO Metcash Convenience will speak on ‘where now, where next, in an engaging presentation and discussion from Australia‘s third force in grocery and will respond to questions.  Metcash has championed the interests of the independently owned grocery and liquor stores through its core competencies of buying, merchandising, marketing, brand-building, distribution logistics and warehousing expertise.

Peter Struck, CEO at Metcash Conveniencewill speak on ‘where now, where next?’ in a timely update presentation from Australia’s third force in grocery for the national independent/convenience sector and respond to questions. Metcash’s customers are, predominantly, independently owned grocery and liquor stores. In food & grocery, Metcash has championed the interests of the independent grocery and liquor stores through its core competencies of buying, merchandising, marketing, brand building, distribution logistics and warehousing expertise…and more

Grant Davidson CEO at Davidson Branding is many things – importantly a most awarded forward thinker, specifically focusing in creative design and building brands; having studied Sustainable Competitive Advantage at Harvard Business School, Psychology, Change Management, Neuro-linguistic Programming and DISC behavioural profiling. With extensive experience with significant global brands, including Merrill Lynch, Westpac, GE, LVMH, NatWest, Fosters Group, Coles Group and Country Road etc – he brings a challenging presentation to assist furthering your brand thinking and strategy….and more

No Media  |  Supplier Exchange Only

DATE            : Tuesday 28th July 2015
VENUE           : Kooyong Tennis Club, 489 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong
TIMES           : Register 9.30am | Start 9.45am  | Finish (around) 12noon




(sold out…)




ALDI’s very solid growth is on the surge as it heads westwards, opening new stores in Adelaide and Perth. UBS has suggested that the next 24 to 36 months will see ALDI strongly rival the number of stores operated by each of the ‘big two’ retailers. As well as seeking to acquire new food/grocery related suppliers, they are also seeking additional suppliers for their ‘centre aisle’ which features non-food products…such as appliances, clothing, tools, etc

Brett Turner, Group Buying Director at ALDI Stores will join our audience in a special luncheon to chat about the ‘where now, where next’ as steadily growing ALDI continues to be referred to as the ‘ground-breaker’ in grocery. The grocery industry watched with some fascination as ALDI opened its first store in 2001, moved to 50, on to 100, then 200 and now has 373 stores on the east coast of Australia – and will open another 120 over next two years. In 2001, it represented a small account for most suppliers, but in 2015 it is developed into a VERY significant account.
Every day, ALDI sells thousands of products through its stores worldwide. As number of these products and their raw materials are sourced from the global market, ALDI takes responsibility for the people throughout its supply chain, with particular emphasis on ethical working conditions at production facilities manufacturing our products. ALDI works in close partnership with their direct suppliers and supports them by providing clear guidelines and relationship approaches.  ALDI has set itself a high bar in terms of providing sustainable and environmental standards.
Roy Morgan Research have awarded ALDI the best supermarket group to deal with three years running and our previous luncheon (200+ supplier attendees) is testament to the strong level of support for ALDI. The Institute was also interested that ALDI staff undertake product testing most Monday mornings…so your product taste will be checked out…!
ALDI is very definitely a ‘growth oriented’ company in grocery and it is the supermarket most nominated by their competitors as being ‘watched most closely’.
Brett and a colleague will be available post lunch for a more personal ‘meet ‘n greet’ with attendees.
VENUE : Novotel Sydney Olympic Park
DATE : Friday, 17th July 2015
TIMES : Registration 12.10pm | Seated 12.30pm | Finish (around) 2.00pm
COST : $220-00 inc GST | Table x 8 = $1,760-00

METCASH Speaks Marketing & More Convenience
A special seminar on Metcash Marketing Plans & Convenience Insights
Metcash face significant challenges: the two supermarket ‘giants’ continue to be a threat…not only actively engaged in ‘small steps’ towards growing a larger slice of the convenience consumer, but who are also de-facto wholesalers – increasingly for impulse market products. There is a lot of conversation around the future of the independent small store area – indeed in the USA you hardly see corner stores anymore. But there is strong evidence of innovation in small format stores that provide an excellent offer around fresh food, particularly in Canada and the UK, aspects of which are emerging in the Australian market

Peter Love GM Marketing with Metcash Food & Grocery speaks at our supplier only grocery and related audience on where ‘Metcash is now, where next’. Australian independents continue with gradual growth in really tough times – and Peter will explore marketing thinking and planning for the current market and touch on ‘next steps’ for Metcash in their drive to build market penetration and sales growth.
Our second speaker, David ParnhamCEO at Pulse Plus who will explore Convenience Pulse, bringing a collective voice of convenience store retailers to the immediate attention of industry suppliers and wholesale service providers with the mission to make a difference to the service levels being experienced currently.  Convenience Pulse, the annual convenience industry service satisfaction survey, now in its second year, commenced in August 2013 with a large number of respondents from across the country and, in the second benchmark year, feedback received in this survey has been nothing short of phenomenal.

The overall feedback from retailers has been both positive and enlightening – enabling better measurement of service and performance of the key market suppliers and their selected distributors who service beverages, confectionary, tobacco, dry grocery and non-food, auto, snack foods, chilled and perishables categories within the convenience market channel.
Supplier Only Exchange  |  No Media
VENUE      : Macquarie Grad School of Management, 99 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park
DATE        : Tuesday 23rd  June 2015
TIMES       : Registration 9.20am  |  Start 9.40am  | Finish (around) 12.45pm
Falling sales  |  400+ staff leaving  |  New strategy…
The grocery industry is changing faster than ever – and supplier companies must constantly absorb, assess and analyse a myriad of information in forecasting the future strategies and thinking required to hang onto shelf and, where possible, grow an ounce or more of market share. This morning seminar is essential listening & exchanges for senior management

Ben Gilbert  Director, UBS Retail Analyst will report, outline and update on latest industry trends – just following Woolworths own strategy day (and the day before similar day at Coles) – including up-to-the-minute research and vital results to advantage for suppliers.  Ben has been delving into the actions, approaches and responses (including future plans) of Woolworths & Coles….and will also share serious implications of a ‘step-up’ in promotional intensity.

As signalled, our original speaker for Tuesday next, Kirsty Dollison, was forced to withdraw at last moment due to pressing business issues.
Pleased to advise that Keith Quigg has agreed to step in – and will work through issues about the promotional future based on the service providers view. Keith has a 45 year career in the retail industry (surely he started aged 12…) engaged from cadet through to sales director…working in nine different countries. He is also the Executive Officer for ASMCA.

Leigh CowanCEO Launch Engineering will cover bringing ‘science’ to your promotional thinking.
What is the best promotional alternative for YOUR particular product?
Why the promotion that worked last year will likely not work well this year?
When to promote – smarter timing & duration
Where to promote – on shelf, in catalogue, off location, etc?
How to decide? (catch some of the science…)

No Media Present  |  Supplier Only Forum

DATE             : Tuesday, 19th May 2015
VENUE          : Macquarie Graduate School, 99 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park
TIMES           : Registration 9.15am  |  Welcome 9.30am  |  Finish (about) 12.30pm
PARKING      : Complimentary


Start 2015 – the year of ‘even more change’- with sessions pointing to many emerging/coming changes.  Such as – ALDI affecting other retailers as never before (it won’t kill them, but hey they’ll feel this straight to the bottom line); Deloitte will get loose on new digital channels (called ‘new markets’) and ShopScience unwraps really fresh thinking for your brands.
ALDI ‘bites back’ – Estimated losses are staggering:  WOOLWORTHS LOSING $355m – COLES LOSING $313m – IGA/METCASH – LOSING $236m

Drawing on extensive recent industry surveys and research, UBS analyses and assesses where all retailers are at today – and where the future will take them.  Ben Gilbert Director at UBS Australia has undertaken a detailed study on ALDI, exploring what opportunities and observations can be made as ALDI, with 340 stores, prepares to surge westwards. The assessment will consider the impact on Woolworths, Coles and Metcash/IGA. The projected losses will be critical to the other retailers – especially Metcash. 

Damien Ballasty of Deloitte Australia– acknowledged expert in the smart digital landscape (including new channels) – will share vital info to ensure your brands are not ‘missing the market’ as they explore new digital channels (presently little used by suppliers) posing a direct benefit to an array of supplier companies

Mark Fletcher of  ShopScience will share fresh insights on brands and brand insights/growth (having clients such as Fosters Group, Coles, GE, Westpac, Country Road etc).

EVENT           :  GROCERY INSIGHTS seminar

DATE             :  Tuesday, 10th February 2015

VENUE             :  Melbourne Business School, Uni of Melb, 200 Leicester St, Carlton
G20 Grocery ForumThe Vital Grocery Forum
The Australian Sales & Marketing Institute has brought together leading presenters to set the tone for 2015 – which is shaping as another tough year – in the grocery marketplace.  The presenters will explore, update and challenge grocery management – from #backgrounding Coles merchandising # the real pressures emerging at Coles, Woolworths and Metcash #fresh opportunities in retailer marketing #working through  and #the brand warriors will sweep across your brands… This event will has leading management in attendance for a special one day seminar (includes luncheon)…and will get 2015 off to a flying strategic start.
GREAT SPEAKERS / LEADERS Speakers will include;
Jean-Yves Heude Principal at Chessmate ‘SHIFTING THE ENGAGEMENT MINDSET’
Craig Woolford Senior Analyst Retail Sector, Citi Research (Aust/NZ) “THE PRESSURE COOKER EFFECT”
Melanie Ingrey  Research Director, Marketing Effectiveness – Cross Platform Custom Insights, Nielsen “INSIGHT INTO CONNECTED CONSUMERS” .
Brian Walker Founder & CEO, Retail Doctor Group “THE RETAIL ASSESSMENT”
Kevin Moore  Chairman & CEO, Crossmark AsiaPacific “RETAILER MERCHANDISING & MORE”
G20 Forum 2015– The Vital Grocery Forum
DATE          : Thursday, 5th March 2015
VENUE         : Macquarie Graduate School of Mgmt, 99 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park (North Ryde)
Fred Harrison speaks ‘real’ on matters grocery
FRED HARRISON, CEO of Ritchies / IGA will comment on vital issues in grocery and update supplier companies on where his company is now – and explore some future thinking.
Fred is one of our popular speakers and is acknowledged as being among the most open and sharing about his company and the wider supermarket industry. When he spoke last year, we had to work up to a bigger venue. Not only is Fred’s address worth ‘every minute’, but his open responses to an array of questions impressed all attendees.

Ritchies – starting out as a corner store in Frankston (Vic) – is a privately owned company, with more than 125 shareholders, the majority of whom work within the business. As an independent operator, to gain synergies and improve buying power, Ritchies join with other independent retailers across Victoria and Australia. Trading as Ritchies Supa IGA, the Supa IGA banner consists of more than 120 independent retailers in Victoria and more than 1100 IGA retailers across Australia. Whilst still proudly privately owned, they see good sense in working in a team environment with other retailers to maximise the retail offer to our customers.

Ritchies is a vital part of the IGA movement and this is a great chance to update on the company and its activities. Their community-based philosophy has paid over $42 million to an array of clubs, schools & charitable causes – nominated by each customer.
Fred will be accompanied by a couple of senior management as well.
DATE : Friday, 30th January 2015
VENUE : LEONDA by the Yarra, 2 Wallen Road Hawthorn 3122
TIME : Registration 12.10pm |Seated 12.30pm | Close (around 1.50pm

Why so few social media outings ‘win’, so very many fail smi_logo
We are currently living through change far greater than the change witnessed during the Industrial Revolution. The internet combined with mobile communications and the explosion of social media are now revolutionizing how brands connect with their consumers. With traditional marketing programs becoming less and less effective each year, there is never a more important time to get your social channel strategy ‘in place’
Our presenter, Stephen Duggan, CEO of Social Media Engagement observes that in this new world, the consumer is front and centre and fully in control of what messages they want to revive and which brand tribes they want to be a part of. Of the 2,500 social channels in operation across the globe today, the top 25 social channels share 6.3 billion accounts. It’s never been as easy as it is today to find your market, get them engaged and generate business. Which few brands have succeeded? Which of many brands have faded or fallen away?

The Institute will provide an award to each participant with a certificate to recognise their enhanced knowledge. ASAP.com

Melbourne Seminar   ::   28th October 2014
Metcash has ‘repositioned’ the company in Food & Grocery (following Bain & Company strategic report some months ago) to enhance long term growth in what is an extremely competitive marketplace.  Metcash is on the move – literally – as it strategically enhances its servicing of around 3,100 independent stores (1,365 IGA branded, 700 Foodworks and 900 convenience outlets)
Peter Love, Group Merchandise Director, Metcash Food & Grocerywill speak for the Institute (first time in Melbourne) and discuss aspects of the evolution of Metcash and share information with suppliers about the current status of the company – and look forward to the future.
Richard Cutler, CEO at Comoron will discuss how you can take the guesswork out of Promotion Planning and at the same time reduce your personal workload and limit your company’s exposure.  If you are driving your Promotional activities using spreadsheets, see what can now be done to transform – by using the very latest IT solutions for the FMCG industry.
EVENT                : METCASH RENEWAL Seminar
VENUE               : Melbourne Business School, Uni of Melbourne, 200 Leicester St, Carlton
DATE                 : Tuesday, 28th October 2014
TIMES                : Registration 9.30am | Start 9.45am | Finish (around) noon
COST                 : $330-00 (inc GST) additional $220
The Australian Competition & Consumers Commission (ACCC) have been ‘up and about’, having taken action against both the ‘big two’ retailers including aspects of treatment of suppliers, product safety etc – with some matters remaining ongoing.
Roger Featherston, Commissioner of the ACCC will update on progress and touch on other related matters. The Commissioner, appointed in June 2014, is a full-time Commissioner who brings a wealth of experience from his previous role as a lawyer in the private and public sectors (being formerly a Partner at Mallesons Stephen Jaques) leading that firm’s competition law team and advising a broad spectrum of commercial and government clients on competition law and enforcement issues…….
DATE : Thursday, 23rd October 2014
VENUE : Windsor Hotel, 111 Spring Street, Melbourne
TIMES : Registration 12.10pm | Seated 12.30pm | Finish (around) 2.00pm
COST : $176-00 (inc GST) :  Table of 8 $1,408-00
FMCG MANAGEMENT TO SHARE IN UPDATES…The shifting sands of grocery continues apace and supplier management is constantly reaching for fresh insights and market effective trends to maintain their product on shelf. Vital information comes from a range of sources – your managers, colleagues, even (occasionally) from competitor contacts. The Institute is conscious that every slice of information has the potential to grow brand penetration and build sales. Is your brand still relevant? Is your management approach still relevant? Our prestigious and widely-experienced speakers (below) will bring fresh facts, hard information and cogent observations to the ‘table’ – and you are invited to join a limited number of sales managers and account managers to share in this special sharing exchange. Ben Gilbert Director at UBS has undertaken a detailed study on Woolworths and ALDI, drawing on industry experts and UBS analysis to assess where these retailers are at today and what opportunities and observations can be made going forward – including the impact on Coles and Metcash. David Parnham CEO of PulsePlus who gather real industry data through surveys that allow independent business owners/managers to voice their opinions on the service provided by industry suppliers…a long list of leading companies. Through their supporting magazine partners, PulsePlus publish Top-Line results annually, keeping the respondents informed of their industry’s results and simultaneously maintaining our openness and integrity with them. David will cover vital aspects of retail relevance issues in a most informative, data-driven presentation. Jean-Yves Heude former CEO Kelloggs – a 26 year veteran of the European, UK and Asia Pacific grocery markets – works through how supermarket suppliers can thrive under the duopoly, noting that most suppliers have been financing deeper and frequent price promotions engaging in tougher price negotiations and losing volume to private label brands observes that is an unsustainable path. He proposes effective change – and now. Kosta Conomos MD at Neilsen will expand on research-based retailer marketing, including ‘Connected Australian Consumers’ and the opportunities for marketing and selling via the online platform including some online grocery pieces. Fact is, suppliers brands need to ‘step up’, or ‘lose out’. No Media : Supplier Briefing Only
DATE : Tuesday, 16th September 2014
VENUE : Macquarie Graduate School of Management, 99 Talavera Rd, North Ryde (Macquarie Park)
TIMES : Registration 9.30am | Start 9.45am | Finish around 12.40pm
COST : $330-00 additional $220-00
Luncheon  Friday, 8 August 2014
Ian Morrice, CEO of Metcash will speak on broad issues in food & grocery, hardware, drinks/liquor and automotive markets as Metcash moves into exciting new aspects within the company following the Bain Company strategic review. Ian Morrice, MBA, was appointed CEO at Metcash and has over three decades of retail experience as Managing Director, Trading Director and Retail Director for some of the UK’s leading retailers, including Dixons and The Kingfisher Group. Ian was Group CEO and Managing Director of New Zealand’s Warehouse Group from 2004 to 2011.
EVENT: Metcash CEO Matters – Ian Morrice speaks
DATE: Friday, 8th August 2014
VENUE: Waterview, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park
Welcome to our special luncheon with ALDI. Brownyn Post, Buying Director with ALDI & Oliver Bongardt, Managing Director, will speak on ‘where now, where next’ and update both present suppliers and would be/should be newer suppliers. The industry can well remember when the news came of 100 stores, later 200 – now over 300 ALDI stores are operating on the eastern seaboard. ALDI will soon open stores in South Australia and Western Australia…and marketplace estimates reckon on 600 stores by 2020. Take note of this: Roy Morgan Research have awarded ALDI the best supermarket group to deal with “three years running…”
ALDI is a ‘growth-oriented’ company in grocery. The Institute knows of suppliers that started with their first store in 2002 and that ‘account’ has continued a strong growth pattern…with Nielsen suggesting ALDI now has 5% plus of the $96 billion grocery market. Bronwyn will be available to chat post lunch with suppliers. Catch the latest update, thinking and activity over lunch – and do BOOK EARLY over 100 already booked – limited to 150 attendees.
No Media | Supplier Briefing Only |
DATE: Friday 11th April 2014
VENUE: Novotel Olympic Park, Olymplic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park 2127
TIMES: Registration 12.10pm | Seated 12.30pm | Finish (around) 2.00pm
PARKING: $20 per car SMI guests (depends availability – more details later)
COST: $220-00 (inc GST) per person : Table of 10 also available
FMCG CAVEAT VENDITOR – Seller (Supplier) Beware
In FMCG, the key to better negotiation is understanding what does the buyer really want? And what can I get back in return? For you, it may well be LOCATION! LOCATION! & SECURING YOUR LISTINGS – but the strategy of the buyer is about far more than that. All that you have learned about selling, commercial engagement and tactics will be stretched and challenged as buyer teams drive to secure their carefully planned intended outcome. This session will share the thinking, techniques and approaches of buyers as they set about shifting ‘your margin’ to ‘their margin’, and most importantly how to deal with this challenge in a commercially sustainable way. Key seminar elements;
-Exposing Buyer Strategy, reading ‘between the lines’ on their goals including insight from a former UK buying cntroller who has run the ‘playbook’
-Disarming Tactics from Buyer Playbook. Keeping control to enable you to leverage your commercial Selling messages.
-Treasure Island: Background to Australian Retailer Marketplace. Give a little, get a lot.
-True Commercial Engagement. A ‘marriage’ made in heaven?
-Future Moments: discussions and a look towards tomorrow – range rationalisation to make space for new categories & segments; focus on reducing CODB (moving more costs back to suppliers) – retailer brands – and the ‘rise of retail marketing’ to enable you to be ahead of the curve.
Join the most incisive and strategic Sentinel Management Consultants, acknowledged tactical FMCG leadership specialists in UK & Australia as well as UBS Market Measures

DATE: Tuesday, 12th February 2013
VENUE: Macquarie Graduate School of Management, 99 Talavera Rd, North Ryde
TIME: 9.15am to 1.00pm
COST: Member $330-00 (inc GST) additional attendee $220-00, Non-Member $550-00


2013 – ‘GLASS HALF FULL’ Seminar


The drinks market promises to be even more competitive in 2013 with retailers playing an intergral part in product growth and development. Welcome to a seminar which explores the latest thinking and strategies to emerge and consolidate in 2013 and ensure your company activity and brands are viewed as a ‘glass half full’.
Mario Mijares will discuss aspects of Coles marketing and include the enhanced loyalty program; Professor Larry Lockshin, internationally renoened drinks marketing speaker with Marketing Science Centre will challenge with “What Matters Most – What’s in the package or on the package?” and Mike Whitton, NPD whiz at o-i International, drinks and related packaging specialists, will explore new product development and the latest innovations.
No media present – a real informal industry briefing.
This is a great way to get 2013 underway with three influential speakers examining key aspects of the drinks sphere.

DATE: Wednesday 27th February 2013
VENUE: Melbourne Business School (Uni of Melbourne) 200 Leicester St, Carlton
TIME: 9.30am – 12.30pm
COST: Member $300.00 (inc GST) additionl attendee $220.00, Non-Member $464.00

Sarah Court 1181x1630
Sarah Court, Commissioner of the ACCC since April 2008 for five years is a full-time commissioner, and a former senior executive lawyer and Director with the Australian Government Solicitor. She brings to her role extensive experience in Commonwealth legal work, including restrictive trade practices, consumer protection and law enforcement litigation. Commissioner Sandra Court oversees the ACCC’s enforcement and litigation program and is chair of the Commission’s Enforcement Committee. Ms Court also sits on the Commission’s Merger Review Committee and Adjudication Committee. Ms Court holds a Bachelor of Arts (Jurisprudence) and a Bachelor of Law (Honours) from the University of Adelaide as well as a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the ANU.
Join the Commissioner over lunch to catch the latest update on matters relating to supplier-retailer ‘interactions’ and aspects which the future holds. No retailer will be admitted.

DATE: Tuesday 26th February 2013
VENUE: Macquarie Graduate School of Management, 7th Floor, 37 Pitt Street, Sydney CBD
TIME: Registration 12.10pm | Seated 12.30pm | Finish around 2.00pm
COST: $165 – 00 (inc GST) Table 8 $1,320-00



Sales Mastery Seminar | Tuesday 16th April 2013 | Melbourne Business School, Carlton

Sales is changing. You noticed? The whole essence of sales and the sales process have shifted dramatically. In an ever-changing world, it is logical that processes, trends and techniques will do the same. Sadly, many companies are still clogged in the last century – still harbouring thinking that sales activity is best found in the 1970’s and 1980’s…a period before the internet, mobile phones and GST.
SEX DRUGS & ROCK ‘n ROLL logs and responds to the changes that have been affecting the shifting approaches in sales.
KATRENA FRIEL is the author of the book ‘SEX SELLS’, though her presentation, delivered with a blend of fun and seriousness, explores the correlation between sex and sales process. A lot of people joke that many aspects of life are an analogy of life – the process of meeting, building a relationship, engagement, marriage and, sometimes, divorce. Katrena has captured the spirit of that approach in her assessment of the sales process and its connection to other issues. Katrena holds formal qualifications in Training, Business Management, Advertising and Marketing and is a Master Practitioner. She is about cultivating solutions that develop creativity, leadership and communication skills to tackle the shifts that have occurred deep within the sales process.
WAYNE BERRY, TopGun Sales Academy founder, will address negotiation – a vital element in sales – and an art vital across a range of life-transforming elements. Wayne Berry is Australia’s own TOP-GUN Sales Coach and most in-demand speaker on sales, negotiating and sales management. He is ranked in the top 7% of professional speakers in the world by the USA based National Speakers Association. He is a best selling author and one of Australia’s best known speakers. His four books, “Negotiating In The Age of Integrity”, “How To Get The Best Deal Every Time”, “How To Get The Best Sale Every Time” and “How To Lead and Motivate A TOP-GUN Sales Team” are now sold in 13 countries.
ANDRE VLCEK is a widely known and acknowledged book author and principal of Sales Psychology, who will explore aspects of What does it take to become an exceptional sales professional? Andre has led high performance sales teams with some of Australia’s largest multinationals, managing sales teams across every State of Australia with a portfolio of accounts around $350 million in annual sales revenue. He is a highly skilled manager and trainer, proudly presented by the Institute in our most advanced sales training events.
BERNADETTE McCLELLAND has built a remarkable background as a trainer (including working with Anthony Robbins), author (‘The First Sale Is Always To Yourself’), sales coach and out there presenter – on this occasion exploring “How to be a Rock Star in the 21st Century”; Attendees will capture how to ‘Be Bold, Get It Sold’.

DATE: “Tuesday, 16th April 2013”
VENUE: Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, 200 Leicester St Carlton
TIME: 9.00am – around 12.30pm
COST: Member $220 (inc GST) second attendee $110




Perception is everything…and in business it counts for much. Often, perception is regarded as reality. The issues surrounding supplier and retailer ‘relationships’ in merchandising, brand management, the market and aspects of the packaging ‘language’ are increasingly affecting the consistency of ‘engagement’ in fmcg activity. This special seminar explores aspects of merchandising – perceptions and reality within such an ‘engagement’.
Greg Davis – past GM Merchandise and currently GM Fresh and Bakery at Coles – will discuss aspects of the retailer/supplier relationship around merchandising and evaluate aspects which can strengthen and enhance ongoing interactions. The value of the relationship is somewhat multi-faceted; including aspects of consumer desire for brand, strength of sales, shared responsibility etc.
Bryan Hall Director of Ninah, will explore and share elements of strategic analytics – statistical and econometric modelling techniques to analyse the effectiveness of marketing activities. We all know the effort to secure ‘big data’, but the key aspects of data – statistics, communication and quantifying performance are now really taking hold. Bryan will make the complexities of analytics more easily understood and directly assist your company to develop more effective strategy.
Simon Gray – Market Manager – Insights & Innovation at Visy Industries, will link the value of consumer engagement in packaging products as a vital part of the loop between the manufactured product and the decision-to-purchase by consumers.

DATE: Tuesday 4th June 2013
VENUE: Melbourne Business School, 200 Leicester Street, Carlton
TIME: 9.00am – 12.30pm
COST: Member $330-00 (inc GST) additional $220 Non Member $440


PeterLoveMetcash Independents Seminar | 25th June | MGSM North Ryde

Metcash is on the move. Recent advertising has emphasised Metcash/IGA, reaching for ‘favourite brands’ and utilised the (likeable) comedian Ahn Do to do their bidding…proposing that ‘our brands reflect our history, our evolution and who we are now’. As a wholesaler operating in competitive industries, Metcash works for the interests of independent retailers – with grocery, liquor and hardware brands.
Peter Love, General Manager Sales & Merchandise – who attracted 80 attendees 18 months ago – will speak on ‘where now, where next’ at Metcash grocery; along with two additional speakers – Peter Huskins of Shopability on smarter brand management and another on the very latest in packaging trends.
Functioning in a highly competitive environment, IGA was initially established in Australia in 1988 and now number more than 1,000 stores owned by Metcash Trading and is effectively the third force in grocery retailing behind the ‘big two’ retailers. According to the latest Roy Morgan Supermarket Customer Satisfaction figures, customer satisfaction among IGA shoppers has grown by a full percentage point, bringing the independent retail group firmly into second place behind consistent front-runner Aldi. Among Aldi customers, 90.5% were satisfied, followed by IGA (89.5%), followed by the ‘big two’ over a 6 month survey. The IGA Community Chest has raised $54 million in past years to benefit an array of charities across Australia.
Closed Doors
The Institute has responded to fmcg member queries to present a ‘Behind Closed Doors’ confidential seminar – with five sessions presented around vital issues to day-to-day management issues. The ‘shifting sands’ in grocery retail demands that senior management/brand management/account management stay in tune and bust a few moves to stay in front. Karen SteinPartner at Deloitte will explore aspects of innovation in FMCG and include the R&D tax incentives available from government. The session will include aspects of ‘how to’ in terms of innovation (ALL major retailers cry out for innovation but don’t get down to the ‘how and ‘when’. Your competitors are scrambling for info on how to have the government fund innovative brand development – don’t miss this expose.
Ben Gilbert UBS Securities will update on the latest Coles/Woolworths etc retailer growth, trends and frameworks. This includes stats and insights designed to provide quality information and high level investment advice
Melanie Ingrey Research Director, Cross Platform Custom Insights, ACNielsen – will reveal aspects of retailer marketing, including ‘Australian Connected Consumers’ and the opportunities for marketing – including selling via the online platform, including some online grocery retail pieces. The Institute has often observed an array of brands failing to understand or use effectively online practices – and they need to ‘step up fast’ or lose out.
Liz Rowell Managing Director of Red Ark rounds on ‘big data’, revealing that user generated data and interaction is far more useful and meaningful to your brand(s) and, even, to the retailer. Using key insights Red Ark has developed a new online shopper marketing hub ‘MyGoodEInbox‘ which will do for consumer promotions and activations what PayPal did for online payments. This alone is well worth getting along.
Graeme Orr CEO Sales & Marketing Institute will speak on the oft expressed desire of Woolworths need for innovative product development – and will provide the direct contact for supplier companies to explore fresh commercial relationship opportunities.
Each session will chart the very latest information, trends and vital aspects of the relationship with retailers and, ultimately, your brand customers to contribute significantly to the growth of your business outcomes.
Numbers Limited (as usual). Very limited notes. Confidential briefings.
DATE: Wednesday, 18th September
VENUE: Macquarie Graduate School of Management, 99 Talavera Road, North Ryde
TIME: Registration 9.15am | Start 9.30am | Finish (around 1.00pm)
COST-MEMBER: $330-00 (inc GST) additional $220-00
StephenRocheJoin Stephen Roche, CEO of API at lunch in Sydney
Stephen Roche, CEO and MD of Australian Pharmaceutical Industries since 2006 will discuss ‘where now’ and ‘where next’ for his company, one of Australia’s leading beauty and health retail companies. API was founded in 1910 and became one of Australia’s leading pharmaceutical distributors. Changes in the pharmacy industry propelled API to focus on the needs of consumers and patients – thereby developing a retail footprint and retail services that provide growth opportunities for the company.
API is leading the charge – within a relationship of more than 4,000 independent pharmacies, which include wholesale product delivery, retail services, marketing programs and business advisory services. API also owns and operates the Priceline retail store brand – 150 franchised stores – plus significant manufacturing capabilities and is a niche player in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and toiletries to the Australian & New Zealand markets.
API’s vision is to be the dominant mass market Health & Beauty retailer and the best franchisor in the country. All this places Stephen it an integral position to explore and discuss vital issues in the pharmacy field.
EVENT: PharmacyMatters Luncheon
DATE: Friday, 20th September
VENUE: Waterview, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
TIME: Registration 12 noon | Seated 12.30pm | Finish (approx) 2.00pm
PARKING: Complimentary
COST : $165-00 (inc GST) Table of 10 – $1,650-00
Fred Harrison, CEO of Ritchies will comment on vital issues in grocery and update supplier companies on where the his company is at – and explore some future options.
Fred is one of our most popular speakers and is acknowledged as being ‘open and sharing’ about his company and the wider supermarket industry. When he spoke early last year, the Institute had to move venue twice to accommodate the larger numbers wanting to attend – and that is certain to happen for this luncheon event. Not only is Fred’s address worth ‘every minute’ but his open responses in the Q&A impressed many in the past.
Ritchies, a vital part of the IGA movement, have been very successfully using Anh Do in their campaign to remind where customers can find many great and traditional brands at very competitive prices. So – book early 🙂
DATE: Thursday, 21st November 2013
VENUE: LEONDA by the Yarra, 2 Wallen Road, Hawthorn
TIME: Registration 12.10pm: Seated 12.30pm: Close (around) 1.50pm
COST MEMBER: Member $165-00 (inc GST) OR table of eight $1,320-00
David Zehner, Partner at Bain & Company will present a to the point grocery assessment with plenty of research and background detail, the present circumstances and offer strong forecasts on major retailers (including reduction in ranging, coming spread by private label) and challenge supplier companies to ‘sharpen’ their approaches and enhance pressure on competitors
Michael Bartholomew, CEO of Strikeforce AMC will speak on Australian retailers re-assessing their instore merchandising model and questioning if the old way is the best way! Coles Supermarkets are the first mover to implement a model similar to the UK & USA markets and will outline the reasoning behind the changes and how he sees the future unfold for brand owners and store merchandising
The Institute has observed a series of changes and shifts by retailers in the past year – some predicted, others ‘out of left field’ – which portend a series of more ongoing changes which will continue to challenge suppliers and demand more effective management practices and approaches to ensure suppliers maintain, and preferably grow, their market influence.
Supplier Private Briefing | No Media Present |
DATE: Tuesday, 26th November 2013
VENUE: Melbourne Business School (University of Melbourne) 200 Leicester St Carlton
TIME: Registration 9.30am | Commence 9.45am | Finish 12 noon
COST MEMBER: $330-00 (inc GST) second attendee $220
Coles category has been ‘on the move’ with a series of innovative projects to enhance and advance the category marketing sphere. Last month, for example, they held meetings with prospective supplier companies to discuss and evaluate new products and also offered a new commitment to Victorian fruit growers, increasing volume for local fruit growers and SPC Ardmona in a challenging market.
Richard Pearson, General Manager, Retail Marketing with Coles, will present on innovation in category marketing – which will include a case study of elements of the recent One Direction promotion with assistance from a speaker from Coca-Cola. There are real learnings about such innovation of value to many other compan ies. Richard will then answer questions about category & innovation from the audience.
Our second speaker session – Grant Davidson, CEO of Davidson Branding – will discuss aspects of national/international trends in innovative branding.EVENT: CATEGORY MATTERS
DATE: Tuesday 11th February 2014
VENUE: Melbourne Business School (Uni of Melbourne) 200 Leicester St Carlton
TIME: 9.30am to Noon
COST: Member $330-00 (inc GST)
Innovation. For too many companies, it is just a word. Australian retailers have been pleading for innovation from supplier grocery products as their future growth is increasingly dependent upon it. Innovation has become entrenched as the force that gives successful companies (supplier of brands) the edge on the competition. Supplier companies need innovation to maintain their brands on shelf. So does the retailer. Most companies ‘prize’ innovation – but it is increasingly being ignored according to the Boston Consulting Group. Swirling around the notion of ‘innovation’ are theories that if you innovate, ‘the retailer will steal the idea’. Gillette, P&G etc ignored that thinking. But not just ‘big’ companies – the recent Retail Innovator of the Year was Lenards PtyLtd. Line extensions, while of value, have now become ‘the innovation’ in many companies.
Maya William, Head of Marketing Strategy at Woolworths will share some important thinking with our audience, posing opportunities for ‘supplier-retailer’ partnerships, leading to genuine sales advantages. Two additional speakers – including David Evans (SPOS) will report on recent innovations in the grocery and related spheres – which will fire enthusiasm and inspiration. Book to attend…perhaps catch up with what your competitors are up to…and explore Woolworths thinking and plans…EVENT: ‘INNOVATE OR DIE seminar
DATE: Tuesday, 19th February 2013
VENUE: Macquarie Graduate School of Management, 99 Talavera Rd, North Ryde
TIME: 9.15am – 12.30pm
COST: Member $330-00 (inc GST) additional attendee $220, Non Member $465-00
FMCG management face shifting change and pressures in the marketplace and
this morning seminar of five accomplished presentations will explore fresh approaches, strategic thinking and innovative steps to strengthen your brand value – and increase sales.
Wednesday, 6th February 2013 :: Melbourne Business School, Carlton