The Institute receives a number of complaints or expressions of concern about the behaviour of some companies and, sometimes, individuals.  If there is evidence of criminality, the Institute urges that the authorities (ASIC, ACCC, ATO TIO, police, consumer affairs etc) be immediately informed.

When provided with evidence and/or corroborated  information regarding companies and/or individuals who have seemingly demonstrated poor/appalling levels of customer service and interaction or acted outside the spirit of ‘fair and reasonable’ sales practices – they can be listed here as a ‘beware-caution-alert’ .

A ‘beware/caution/alert’ serves to warn salespeople – in particular – who may be considering working with a company and/or potentially dealing with an individual, to step with care.

The Institute CEO (formerly the Secretary-General of the Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration) has acted in a small number of cases to attempt a mediated outcome.  This usually proves successful when both parties agree to gather and discuss the issue. The cautions remain in place for three years unless resolved by Consumer Affair and/or the Institute or another outcome in the meantime.

Cautionary alerts:


December 8th 2017 The Institute has banned a company – national it – and management Charles Kol for failing to meet event arrangements entered into with an event re Amazon event in Melbourne on 8/12/17.BEWARE/CAUTION#
August 2016- BEWARE : Evocca College noted as having specificallt pursued long-term unemployed persons and selling a course WITHOUT any reference to HECS being applicable. Our ethics sub-committer have carefully explored a complaint, reviewed an inadequate/unreasonable response in writing from Evocca and is satisfied that, on at least one occasion an Evocca representative has provided incomplete/inadequate advice to a client and consequently improperly caused an ATO HECS debt without the knowledge of the client.
August 2016 – BEWARE : Telstra cancelling/suspending small business email addresses without due cause. 
January 2015 – BEWARE : Outsource Australia accused of misleading young people by promising/claiming ‘jobs’ with no experience required and further claiming payments made only after sales (seemingly ‘commission only’). The matter is being referred to Consumer Affairs.
SUGGESTION : Be very wary in doing any business with Outsource Australia Recruitment. Check with Australian Human Resources Institute.
January 2015 – BEWARE : If you have purchased goods from and have not received them within the agreed timeframe, contact PayPal or your credit card provider to dispute the payment. If you are unable to dispute the payment and remain dissatisfied with your dealings with We All Save, we urge you to lodge a complaint with the Department of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs in your state or territory (see below)
SUGGESTION : Be very wary in making any purchase. Check first with Consumer Affairs in your State/Territory
Other helpful consumer Contacts:

Choice Australia
Consumer Action Law Report –
Government Consumer Affairs: (below)