COSTCO Walk-Through 3/10/2017



The Institute will undertake a final ‘walk’ in Sydney this year.
Rick Woods, COO of Costco will walk with a dozen supplier companies (mostly one per company) who are either not on shelf at Costco but are interested to be, or are on shelf but are seeking to enhance that existing footprint in Costco.

The opportunity for suppliers is immense so they can appreciate a more universal appreciation of the Costco store in entirety as they can begin to assess both existing opportunities as well as explore future opportunities. The suppliers to date have include an array of foodstuffs, fruits, vegetable, appliances, electronics through to garden furniture. And many of these started with a simple question of our speaker Rick Woods.
Costco is a gradual growing force in the grocery and additional product range and has already shown itself as a reliable retailer with increasingly strong relationships with suppliers.

Our ‘walk’ will include aspects of strategy essential to determining the growth aspects…a generic strategy dictates the company’s approach to maintaining its competitive advantage. As the second biggest retailer in the world, Costco follows its generic competitive strategy to directly compete against other retail giants. On the other hand, Costco’s intensive growth strategies determine the actions suited to grow the business. The company uses its intensive growth strategies to continue expanding worldwide.
You are invited to book now to be part of the ‘walk’ at Auburn – which will involve a walk/chat around the store followed by a coffee for more feedback.

VENUE      : Costco Auburn Store. 19 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe
DATE         : Tuesday 3rd October 2017
TIME          : 10.00am to Noon
COST          : $220-00 (inc GST)
BOOKING : Email or call Graeme 03 9558 2696