Amazon Luncheon – Four seats left

It’s happening! AMAZON high level demand brings Gregory Cowan to speak in Melbourne as retailers and suppliers clamour to ‘bounce into business’.

As AMAZON spreads its wings across Australia, the first step is preparing for a total shift in mindset. Forget what was…think the new dream for a supplier or retailer.  This is about growth, and in a sense, is not new…18% of Australians are already ‘doing business’ with AMAZON.

Imagine a world where AMAZON takes you online to establish up to a million price-point changes a day; say, a refrigerator will gather information from a score of countries, then set a price cheaper than your local provider. Catalogues are ‘dead’ – outpriced in seconds. It makes for an amazing company.

But there is more. There is speed. There is flexibility. There is a total customer-centric approach. Even when the price is an issue, you will often find free delivery. The approach of AMAZON is VERY different – and suppliers need to grasp how they will ‘revolutionise’ the marketplace. AMAZON change is coming fast.  Everyone is now on the sharpest learning curve ever.

AMAZON has disrupted a number of markets and our outcome will be dramatic – with warehousing already underway, expanding the range of products swiftly delivered often amidst slashing delivery times.

 LAST CHANCE:  AMAZON needs you to be REALLY prepared.  Do now what must be done to respond fast. Best to learn from an Australian who worked for Amazon for 3.5 years (and now sells to them).  Greg Cowan is an ex pat who has been living in the UK for the past five and a half years. Currently a Commercial Director he was previously Amazon Head of buying for the Sports and Outdoor categories in the UK.

Greg will be our guest presenting on his experiences ;

  • Working with Amazon, how their culture is different – very different from anything you will have experienced
  • How you must engage them and how to work to ‘win’ with them. What type of people, what skills, how to maximise your investment and how to avoid the pitfalls
  • How their mentality is so different – and so simple (if you understand it) versus any other retailer

AMAZON is ready for you; are you ready for them? They will be successful in Australia – the point is whether you will engage NOW or just watch opportunity pass you by.

“Forget about profit…it’s an experience never known in Australia before. Suppliers have two simple choices – engage or just ignore as it happen around you” – supplier comment.

No Media Present  ::  Supplier exchange opportunity

VENUE                : Fenix Events, 680 Victoria Street, Richmond
DATE                   : Friday, 18h December 2017
TIMES                 : 12.00 Noon to 2.30pm
CAR                      : $6-00 (at car park station on leaving)
LUNCH COST    : $220-00 (inc GST) :: Table x 10 = $1,760-00

BOOKING : Email – or call Graeme 03 9558 2696