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The art of retailer insights is a rapidly increasing influence in a corporate entity as retailers battle for expenditure thinking and analysis which will lead to distinct strategic advantage. The mission of a major grocery retailer is to better understand and serve customers by empowering retailers and their suppliers to decode what millions of transactions reveal about consumers – and use that data to deliver tangible business growth. These insights are used across the organisation to support more informed decisions in marketing and merchandising. Everything is geared around retailers and manufacturers of consumer goods become more familiar with their customers – to understand how to meet their requirements and hence create increase sales. Alex Chruszcz, GM, Customer: Insights, Voice, Pricing, Network Planning with COLES in past two plus years had previously spent four years with ASDA (UK). Alex will share his thinking around insights and related areas with COLES to suppliers



Grant Davidson is MD of Davidson Branding.  Grant is all about Growth. It’s in our DNA. From a child, all we want to do is grow. In business it’s our primary objective. We all want it, we crave it, we dream about it and we fight for it. And when we see that trend line on the graph heading north, the extra zero on the bottom line, it can make our day, even our career. Grant, who has spoken in branding growth, will cover the subject of creative strategy . He is an accomplished branding expert with a solid background in advertising and creative strategy. He has numerous achievements with famous clients (including Coles) and has graduated from Harvard Business School (USA)

Rebecca Rees is Managing Director of Insights DR. IDR provides strategic business consultancy services to help companies improve their performance, including ANALYSIS – simplifying the complex. INSIGHTS – translating analysis into meaning. STRATEGY – turning insights into action. The Institute was previously fortunate to hear Bec speak on Category issues as part of her PhD on that subject – where she presents an academically grounded analysis within a realistic, honest & pragmatic approach. Supplier management at this seminar will find her presentation of real value!
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EVENT             : COLES INSIGHTS PLUS Seminar
DATE              : Thursday 26th October 2017
VENUE             : Melbourne Business School (Uni of Melbourne) 200 Leicester St, Carlton PARKING         : $15 a day
COST              : $330-00 (inc GST) additional $110-00
BOOKING         : Email – or call Graeme 03 9558 2696