COSTCO Walk – Auburn 22nd May 2018






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Sales & Marketing Institute is pleased to offer a unique opportunity to bring a select number of suppliers to walk through a Sydney Costco store with a view to observe, query and discuss aspects of the store.

The chance for suppliers – limited to only 12 supplier individuals – can be immense; which can include suppliers already on ‘shelf’ at Costco but keen to add to their product growth OR for those not yet on ‘shelf’ but interested in being so.

Walk through with Rick Woods General Manager Merchandise (number two at Costco) who will discuss aspects of growth and strategic background/present and future. Rick will give you a contact card, inviting you to contact him to chat and, likely, lead you to a relevant buyer. This actually works!

You are invited now to be part of the walk in Auburn (Lidcombe) involving the walk/chat through the store followed by a coffee for more feedback.

EVENT               : WALKING with COSTCO
VENUE               : Costco Auburn Store, 17-21 Parramatta Rd, Lidcombe
DATE                 : Tuesday 22nd May 2018
TIMES               : Start 10.00am – to Coffee 11.50am – Finish (about) 12.20pm
COST                 : $220-00 (inc GST)
BOOKING         : or call 0418138295