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BWS is a retail chain of liquor stores owned by Woolworths Limited – and is an acronym for Beer, Wine, Spirits. BWS is the largest liquor retailer in Australia with 1,330 stores nationally.




The company commenced in mid-2001 as a local neighbourhood bottleshop and has developed into a freestanding division of Woolworths.  Guy Brent, CEO, took the helm in August 2014 where he realised the potential to grow the sales significantly by tapping the knowledge of each store manager to be CEO of their very own store – to improve customer experience and outcomes.

BWS continues to grow the business aspect with its enhanced strategic development of CEO’s to improve customer experience and by differentiating by stocking locally made products and catering to local preferences.



Rowena Curlewis CEO at Denomination

The age-old question is, how do we get consumers to pick our brand off the shelf? And then make sure they buy it again? Rowena Curlewis, CEO of drinks design specialist Denomination, will look at story telling as a powerful way to breathe life into your brand and engage consumers. Rowena speaks regularly on wine branding at various industry forums, and is co-founder of Denomination. With offices in Sydney, London and San Francisco, Denomination has developed some of Australia’s most successful wine packaging from Penfolds to Elephant in the Room.


Jackie Helliker, Insights Nielsen will discuss latest activities on drinks


DATE            : Wednesday, 14th November 2018
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